Kate Middleton Without Makeup

Kate Middleton Without Makeup On A Bicycle
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is about to become one of the most widely known women of the world, and you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to find a picture of her sans makeup. But when that woman is about to become an English princess it all makes a little more sense. But here are a few shots of Kate au naturel, or about as close as we’ll ever see.

Yes, I doubt seriously that Princess Kate – actually there seems to be a mystery as to what what name she will go by – will ever be seen in public riding on a bicycle after the betrothal ceremony. Much less riding a bike in shorts and a top that reveals cleavage. Good cleavage at that. There is a phrase that doesn’t see too many hits in Google: royal cleavage. Though after April 29, 2011 that may change. After looking at that photo for awhile I think a red-blooded male can only hope!

This does bring up an interesting point of comparison for Kate: the woman whose name comes up most prominently in Google for “royal cleavage”: Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Let us now all take a gander:

Princess Madeleine

That’s Maddy at a Nobel gathering in Oslo back in 2002. Now that is the royal in royal cleavage. No one thought ill of this until someone in Sweden posted this pick with some snarky comments, causing King Carl Gustaf to set off on a legal hunt after the people involved. I wouldn’t look for an English repeat of that imbroglio; Kate seems reasonably intelligent and the English royal family can afford much better help than the Swedes.

Kate Middleton is an attractive woman, but I don’t think Princess Madeleine has much to worry about: she’s young, Swedish and blonde. For further proof, let’s go to picture #2:

Kate Middleton Without Makeup

And I think that proves my point. After April 29 Kate should slide in as Europe’s 2nd best looking Princess. No shame in that when #1 is a Swede. And it might be blasphemy but I think she is better looking than Princess Diana, her husband-to-be’s mom. She is without a doubt more attractive than her future father-in-law’s current and longtime paramour:

Camilla Parker Bowles

Would you look at those teeth? I guess all those apples, sugar cubes and carrots keep a gal’s chopper’s bright and white. Oh, and the horse looks ok too.

But the best photo is saved for last:

Kate Middleton Without Makeup Hunting

Isn’t there is just something about an attractive woman carrying a high-powered firearm? Kate Middleton is the Brits’ answer to Sarah Palin, without all that messy political baggage. If Tina Fey wants to really put the kibosh on her career she can call SNL and do a spoof of Kate too, eh?

2 Responses to Kate Middleton Without Makeup

  1. celebs with no makeup

    You could park a Harley Dresser in that crack and it wouldn�t fall over….

  2. Diane

    I disagree Kate is much more attractive. Hair color means nothing, the way a person carries themselves makes them attractive. The media coverage of each princess is proof of which is more attractive. Kate gets much more media attention.

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