Pia Toscano Without Makeup

Pia Toscano Without MakeupYou probably think its easy to write posts here. Au contraire. Some celebrities, no matter how exposed, are almost impossible to catch without their makeup on. Case in point: Pia Toscano. The surprise American Idol reject has more publicity hounds following her now than ever before. The old saw that there is no bad publicity certainly rings true; she has more media focus now than the remaining AI contestants.

I’ve looked at nearly 3000 photos of Pia Toscano and this is the best I can come up with. That photo above is Pia enjoying the sun a few years ago. Note the chest; this is Pia in her pre-enhancement years. Here is another shot apparently from the same day:

Pia Toscano Without Makeup

You probably have the same reaction I did. After the first shot you’re thinking “hey, she didn’t need new breasts”. Then after the second shot you are looking up your checking account balance to see if you can afford to send Pia a few shekels to get her some bigger fun bags. But that is ok, because Pia managed it on her own. In fact, you gotta wonder if she didn’t also pony up for a backside boost as well. Take a gander:

Pia Toscano

That is Pia. That is Pia on the *left*, you numbskull. And that lucky gent with his hand on Pia’s padded, protruding posterior – yes I’ve been setting that bit up – is none other than Dancing With The Star’s Mark Balls, er, Ballas. My those are sizable haunches Pia is sporting. Could it be she threw the surgeon who did the work in her chestal area a few more samoleans to move below the waist and install a couple of Christmas hams?